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L & H Philosophy

Champion cutters, not cookie cutters.....

Lee believes Champion cutting horses come from individual training and attention.  Only by developing a program tailored to each horse can that horse reach its maximum potential. The numbers of training horses are limited, so that every horse gets the individual attention it deserves.  

Great cutting horses are cow horses. They love their job. Lee capitalizes on his horses' natural talents, and teaches them to do their job to the maximum of their abilities. His goal is to create a solid trained horse that will stay trained, focused, and competitive without reliance on gimmicks, fear, intimidation or pain. Lee trains his horses for a lifetime of performance, not just the next big show. They stay trained, because they have had the benefit of a solid, fundamentals approach program. They understand their job, and they enjoy doing it.

Honesty with customers.........

"It doesn't do us, the client, or the horse any good if we continue to train horses that we don't believe will be competitive."  
Lee Francois

Lee and Holly take great pride in developing goals for each horse. If the horse is not suited for the client's goals, then they will not keep it in training.  

"Nothing is more aggravating to a client than to spend money on months of training, only to discover the horse can't do the job it was designed to do. The client is unhappy, and not likely to ever come back. We strive for long term relationships with our clients. Our word, our honesty, and our integrity is the back bone of our business philosophy." Holly Francois

Small numbers, Big results…

In an age where bigger is better, L&H Cutting Horses have resisted the trend to have overflowing barns in favor of quality versus quantity. With just 35 horses in training, that quality extends not just to the breeding and caliber of horses but to quality-time that Lee can spend with each individual horse. 

Lee likes to ride all of his horses himself. He believes that training takes time and quality horses don’t come off a production line. Whether a training session takes 15 minutes or 50, Lee spends as much time as needed with each horse. This hands-on, small-numbers approach enables Lee to determine earlier on in the horse’s career if the horse has the potential to be a cutting horse and warrants the expense of further cutting training.

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